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Mantra: Change the World with Us, Starting Today

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Those of you reading this, our first entry on Mantra’s official WeChat account, probably know what a long and challenging road it’s been getting here. Today, after so many months of mind-bending peaks, hair-pulling valleys, and existential angst, we are finally pushing the green button and sharing Mantra with the world for the first time. Mantra’s online platform is launching today, and with it begins a people-powered, socially-conscious consumer revolution. Together, we’re trying to take a simple every-day object – the sunglasses you’ll choose to wear this summer – and give them the power to change the lives of 30 million students in rural China who don’t have access to the reading glasses they need to succeed in school.


近一年时间以来,越过了充满未知和冒险的山峰与低谷,经历了诸多漫长且富有挑战的道路,我们终于到达了这里。 按下了绿色的推送确认键 ,将关于Mantra的一切,第一次正式分享给大家。


Even after all the sleepless nights we’ve endured in recent weeks, this journey isn’t really about us. It’s about you - our first supporters, our closest friends, our family – and what we can accomplish together when the cause is just and the way is clear. It’s about the hope and opportunity your purchase represents for a student in rural Yunnan who can now see clearly because of your choice. If you’ll indulge us for a moment, just imagine yourself as a student in a poorly-lit classroom studying for 10 hours a day but unable to view the blackboard, read your textbook, or even decipher your own handwriting; now, imagine your life after you’re given the simplest tool you need to see properly - it's a new, clear world brimming with possibilities!




Sam Waldo in Yunnan for Mantra Eyewear

Sam Waldo(魏文杰) - Mantra 创始人&CEO

Andrew Shirman in Yunnan for Mantra

Andrew Shirman(石安祝)- Mantra 创始人

That transformation is exactly what Mantra sunglasses stand for. When you choose your Mantras, we create a B1G1 Code just for you. B1G1 means “Buy One, Give One”. This represents the donation we make on your behalf to provide vision care for one student in Yunnan through our non-profit, Education In Sight. Education In Sight is a non-profit leader in China, having already donated over 11,000 pairs of glasses to students in Yunnan over our last 4 years. You can input your Donation Code via our WeChat (click on “B1G1 | 买一捐一” from our official account menu) to follow the journey of your donation, from eyeglasses preparation and education, to screening and delivery. If you want to learn more and get involved at Education In Sight, follow our WeChat ID at “点亮眼睛”.

这种连接与改变就是Mantra墨镜所代表的意义。当你选择了一副属于自己的Mantra墨镜,我们也将同时为你创建唯一的B1G1(Buy One, Give One买一捐一)编码。这代表你的支持将成为我们整个捐助项目非常重要的一部分,为云南地区有需要的孩子提供视力健康帮助。点击Mantra微信账号的底部菜单「B1G1 | 买一捐一」,输入B1G1编码,就可以了解到您所参与捐助的详细信息:从眼镜准备、知识培训,到视力筛查和最终交付。

我们将通过姊妹公益组织“点亮眼睛”,完成整个捐助过程。点亮眼睛作为中国非公益组织中的优秀一员,4年以来,已经为云南地区的孩子共计捐助了超过11,000副免费眼镜,以及76,000人次的免费视力检查和知识培训。如果想了解更多信息,或希望提供更多帮助,可以关注官方微信(ID “点亮眼睛”)。

Find Your Mantra Eyewear

And just because we’re socially-conscious doesn’t mean we’ve cut corners on quality or design. Mantra frames are sourced from environmentally-friendly materials manufactured in the USA, equipped with polarized, UV400 lenses, and designed with love based on inspiration from the time we spent living and teaching in rural Yunnan. To learn more, head on over to our official WeChat store or plan to visit us at one of our upcoming offline events to pick out your very own Mantras.



Last, we're so incredibly excited to start on this amazing adventure, and nothing thrills us more than the people who we're meeting every day who are getting involved as Mantra's first champions. The support of people like you means absolutely everything to us, and so, thank you. Here's to all the extraordinary things we will accomplish together, and to having an absolute blast this summer!

Your Gallant Glasses Goofballs,

Sam & Andrew






Sam Waldo and Andrew Shirman of Mantra Eyewear
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