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  • The 2017 Collection

    Choose from our 8 frames, with up to 7 different design variations each.

    10,000 Steps

    Above The Clouds

    Daisy Chain

    Heaven & Earth


    Pumi Hero

    Steel Pagoda

    Tiger Leap




    Buy 1, Give 1


    For every pair of Mantras you buy, we help correct a student's vision in rural Yunnan, China

  • Buy One, Give One

    When you buy a pair of Mantra sunglasses, we will donate a pair to a child in need.

  • The Story

    While teaching in a small village in the Yunnan province, we discovered that many students lacked access to prescription eyeglasses and that their success in school was greatly hindered by their poor vision. In response, we started Education in Sight, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing eye care for students with vision problems. To date, EIS has already administered over 115,000 eye exams and donated over 16,000 pairs of glasses to students in need.

    Buy 1, Give 1

    Mantra was founded in order to further our progress in solving the urgent issue of poor vision for rural students. Our "Buy One, Give One" concept is simple: for every pair of sunglasses we sell, we donate a pair of prescription glasses to a student in need in rural Yunnan.

    Find Your Mantra

    At an affordable cost, Mantra sunglasses help protect your vision and save someone else's. Our in-house designs and American-sourced materials enable us to create one-of-a-kind, high-quality sunglasses, which let you look good while also doing good.


    Look Good, Do Good. Find your Mantra today.

  • Our Founders

    Sam Waldo

    Co-Founder & Mantra CEO



    Co-Founder & EIS CEO


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    photo from Apple 2016 年 12 月 2 日,星期五,下午 7:00 Sam会在三里屯,参与Apple Store 专题特色讲座活动 与大家聊聊Mantra公益潮...
    February 23, 2017 · mantra,buy 1 give 1,charity
    感谢一条视频团队对Mantra的采访 来自一条的精彩视频和内容如下 :) 希望能有更多朋友加入这个故事 孩子们的清晰世界和更多正能量的可能性 我们来一起点亮 Sam Waldo是常春藤名校的...
    May 1, 2016 · eyewear,mantra,entrep
    Those of you reading this, our first entry on Mantra’s official WeChat account, probably know...
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  • Buy 1, Give 1

    For every pair of sunglasses you buy, we will provide eye care to a student in need.

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  • Above The Clouds

  • 10,000 Steps

  • Steel Pagoda

  • Miao

  • Heaven & Earth

  • Pumi Hero

  • Tiger Leap

  • Daisy Chain

  • Daisy Chain

  • Pumi Hero

    Hey there, square-eyes. Oversize your edge with our polished, ultra-flattering Pumi Hero shades. Low-dipping square frames with thick rims make an ultra-modern statement with a hint of oversized retro luxury. Head-turning guaranteed.

  • Heaven & Earth

    Our take on the classic wayfarer: bound to be a winner. Live in the past, present and future with these classic frames with slim arms and an unmatchable browline that suits just about everyone. You’ll be prepared for Heaven’s smooth paradise andEarth’s rocky road: Heaven on Earth.

  • Miao

    When has feline femininity ever failed? Hold your tail high and channel a sly hint of cat-eye with these ultra-flattering shades. Glamour guaranteed on your daily coffee hunt. Miao, Miao.

  • Tiger Leap

    Bold. Practical. Modern. Ultra-flexible. Leap like a Tiger into anything with these sturdy confident frames. A strong brow line and super-secure nose pads mean you’ll keep up with the big cats in these speedy sunnies without compromising ultimate style. our products.

  • Steel Pagoda

    Craving nostalgia AND a funky twist? Combine vintage-style round lenses with a slightly curved, top bar for a new spin on an old classic. From brunch to beach, street to scholar, these polished yet quirky, bookish frames exude intricate style and the strength of daring individuality.

  • 10,000 Steps

    These shades will make you want to walk 10,000 Steps so everyone sees you in them. Their half-rimmed, square-ish frames and printed arms combine art and sturdy practicality into a versatile shade for all. Style has never been this easy.

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